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Media Development


"In the age of Social Media every company is a media company and every person is a brand."
- David Kamatoy

World Class Media: Your media should meet or exceed your product or service price point. So that your visitors and clients should have an emotional experience and expect the price you and your company are asking. In this age of technology there is no reason not to have top tier media representing you and your brand.

We help you create top-tier media. Video, audio, images, logos, websites that create a high expectation of you and your brand.


 Content Marketing


"We must embrace the sociology of technology and look at how we are seen through the lens of the internet."
- David Kamatoy

100 years ago you could buy a brand and customers with advertising. In the 80's, 90's PR created brand. PR created media coverage, media coverage created credibility by influencing the public and then advertising worked. In 2019 you can create, produce and distribute your own media. Building your own following and database is the key to success in any century.

We can help strategize and create blogs, articles, websites, social media created and distributed from you and your brand.


Network Development


"If you want to increase your business then increase the size and quality of your network."
- Stephen Prendergast

Our reliance on social media is an opportunity but also a crutch. What would happen if your account suddenly got deleted from Facebook? What if your hit television show get's cancelled? We must use our broader networks to build our own database. is our own email marketing, CRM, website platform. An invaluable asset that helps you create systems around your businesses.




According to Alexa...

Google is the #1 website. What comes up when you or your brand is searched? is the #2 website. Do you have video(s) that represent you and your brand?
Facebook is #3, Twitter is #7, Linkedin is #9, and Instagram is #10.  What does your social media feed say about you and your brand.

The last person you met probably typed your name, your brand, your business into a search engine on their smartphone. What came up?

It's time to take control of your media, your presence and your brand.

Kamatoy Media Group is uniquely positioned. Our team is made up of early internet adaptors who also have a background in traditional tv, radio, print, advertising, marketing and pr. 

The platform may change but the messages, the stories, the content is still the same. Instead of regailing the way it used to be. We want to exploit what is currently working and improve the model. We want to work ahead of the curve not behind it. 


Kamatoy Media Group is looking for a few core clients and projects to work with in tandem with it's own projects.

If you have a pitchable individual or project for one of our associated or client new or traditional media outlets. Please contact us by clicking here.

If you are interested in contacting us about a consultation, strategy,  project or collaboration. Please contact us by clicking here.





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First San Diego Wine and Book Fest Scheduled at Trevi Hills Winery

First San Diego Wine and Book Fest Scheduled at Trevi Hills Winery


San Diego, CA (For Release) - The first San Diego Wine and Book Fest will be held at Trevi Hills Winery in Lakeside on Saturday, March 9, from noon to 4:00 p.m. The free event brings together authors from around Southern California for an afternoon of book signings, author readings, and wine pairings. Visitors will be able to purchase books in such genres as children's picture books, poetry, science fiction, and fantasy.




The San Diego Wine and Book Fest is a celebration of the fruit of the vine and the fruit of the creative minds of the participating writers. Several of these authors are independently published, and this is a wonderful opportunity to discover books that might not otherwise be seen featured in major bookstores or online. The books are a testament to the truth that independent authors are as good as - and sometimes better than - traditionally published writers. Each participating author is passionate about his or her book, and you will be able to hear just what drove them to create.

Scheduled authors and their featured books include:

  • Marcy Dewey Mahoney: Archwilde & Writing Journals (“Words of Whimsy,” “Words of the Odd & Eerie,” and “Words of Wonderment”)
  • Bryan Mahoney: Lost Poetry of Los Angeles, 2011-2023: Stories abandoned on the sidewalks of Southern California, and other poems
  • Dhara Parekh: Unearthing Idyll and Take a Seat at the Cosmic Campfire: A Collection of Science Fiction Stories
  • H.D. Scott: Glik's Fables Vol. 1, Isle of the Charred Maiden
  • Jacob Haffner (Author) & Clarissa Janeen (Illustrator): The Squirrel and the Moon
  • Morgan Dangerfield: Heroes of Evermore: An Unlikely Gathering
  • Bryan Cantrell (Dark Gravity Studios): Pirates of the Wild West
  • Stephen Prendergast: The Sword of Digez

Located in the hills west of Lakeside, Trevi Hills is a relatively new winery that has already begun to develop a strong following. Taking advantage of San Diego’s Mediterranean terrain and Tuscan-style temperate zone, the vineyard features established vines of Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Sangiovese and Primitivo with the newest plantings of Merlot, Grenache, Mourvedre, Malbec, Tempranillo and Montepulciano. The winery is open Thursday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and families are welcome.

“This began as a ‘what if’ idea sometime last year,” says author Stephen Prendergast, the coordinator of the San Diego Wine and Book Fest. “Books and wine just seem like a natural pairing, and Trevi Hills has such a picturesque location. The fact that it’s a short drive from Downtown San Diego made it the perfect venue. Michael Larranaga, the General Manager, has been extremely supportive to the community, and he was all-in with the idea from the start.”

The San Diego Wine and Book Fest is open to all ages. Trevi Hills Winery is located at 13010 Muth Valley Rd. in Lakeside, CA. See author and book introductions on Instagram @authorsjprendergast. For more information, contact Stephen Prendergast at



Trevi Hills Winery
13010 Muth Valley Rd. in Lakeside, CA 92040


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