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Most likely the reason you are reading this is because you met one of our team members or watched one of our videos or projects and were inspired to look us up. 

Our Process

A conversation...

It starts with a conversation about you and your project with our team. We have an extremely eclectic background of projects and genres. The common theme is synergy, a shared spark about an idea or business. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the spark with a team is what creates excitement and passion.

A proposal...

Based on that conversation, if appropriate, we will put together a proposal that really outlines some of the steps that we discussed and typically give you 3 options for review. 

  1. If I had all the money in the world, expense accounts, tax breaks, etc. 

  2. A more realistic but still aggressive project outline.

  3. Bare minimum that still makes a difference.

Strategic Planning...

Gathering team members along with niche experts to brainstorm and focus on your project is a wonderful process. It allows us to groupthink through the process and come up with a plan.

With an existing business, we break down how you and your project do business and try to improve each element by 10%. The effect is cumulative and powerful.

We get clear on a vision and then come up with a 6 month plan to get us to the next level. 


We follow a paradigm for success.

Success is not an accident, and in the age of the internet, for any project that we want to create there is generally a success model or paradigm to follow. We put our own creative spin on the paradigm and take it from there. 

PR Builds a Brand, not Advertising

PR’s job is to create a positive response to you and your brand, creating top of mind awareness. We create opportunities through new media blogs, podcasts, social media, and YouTube in addition to traditional newspapers, magazines, television and radio.

Advertising and Marketing is formula.

If you knew you could spend $10,000 a month in advertising and get back $30,000 would you do it? Would you do more? Advertising is a formula.

The secret is testing. The work that is the hardest to do is to TEST. Testing what works best and being willing to make mistakes is typically what people don’t do. Some people fail once and then define it as a failure.

The paradigms for success are  all around us. It's a question of time, resoources, creativity and commitment to find a working model. 

Scalability: The Good News

The good news is that in the age of the internet, everything is affordable. You can test and run campaigns for anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. That testing allows you to move a project forward.

Bottlenecks of Success

Most individuals and companies have similar challenges. We typically know what we need to do to be more successful. But we allow our ” busyness to affect our business”. We need to create the time to do the things that will improve and move the business forward.

A project will consume all available resources available to it. It is the entrepreneurs challenge to focus on the things that will move a project forward. 

Most entrepreneurs have a to do list that is greater than their physical capability to accomplish that list. So bringing on team to help get past the bottlenecks is crucial. 

If you really committed to a project we must identify how many resources, time and capital  we want to commit to something in order to get the project where we intend it to be. 

Interested? Please contact us directly. 

 Most people hire us for this reason. Video, Audio, Promo shots, websites, packaging, logo, and branding should all meet and exceed your price points. This is so that your clients have an emotional reaction and are willing to accept and get excited about you and your projects.

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