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Media Development


"In the age of Social Media every company is a media company and every person is a brand."
- David Kamatoy

World Class Media: Your media should meet or exceed your product or service price point. So that your visitors and clients should have an emotional experience and expect the price you and your company are asking. In this age of technology there is no reason not to have top tier media representing you and your brand.

We help you create top-tier media. Video, audio, images, logos, websites that create a high expectation of you and your brand.


 Content Marketing


"We must embrace the sociology of technology and look at how we are seen through the lens of the internet."
- David Kamatoy

100 years ago you could buy a brand and customers with advertising. In the 80's, 90's PR created brand. PR created media coverage, media coverage created credibility by influencing the public and then advertising worked. In 2019 you can create, produce and distribute your own media. Building your own following and database is the key to success in any century.

We can help strategize and create blogs, articles, websites, social media created and distributed from you and your brand.


Network Development


"If you want to increase your business then increase the size and quality of your network."
- Stephen Prendergast

Our reliance on social media is an opportunity but also a crutch. What would happen if your account suddenly got deleted from Facebook? What if your hit television show get's cancelled? We must use our broader networks to build our own database. is our own email marketing, CRM, website platform. An invaluable asset that helps you create systems around your businesses.




According to Alexa...

Google is the #1 website. What comes up when you or your brand is searched? is the #2 website. Do you have video(s) that represent you and your brand?
Facebook is #3, Twitter is #7, Linkedin is #9, and Instagram is #10.  What does your social media feed say about you and your brand.

The last person you met probably typed your name, your brand, your business into a search engine on their smartphone. What came up?

It's time to take control of your media, your presence and your brand.

Kamatoy Media Group is uniquely positioned. Our team is made up of early internet adaptors who also have a background in traditional tv, radio, print, advertising, marketing and pr. 

The platform may change but the messages, the stories, the content is still the same. Instead of regailing the way it used to be. We want to exploit what is currently working and improve the model. We want to work ahead of the curve not behind it. 


Kamatoy Media Group is looking for a few core clients and projects to work with in tandem with it's own projects.

If you have a pitchable individual or project for one of our associated or client new or traditional media outlets. Please contact us by clicking here.

If you are interested in contacting us about a consultation, strategy,  project or collaboration. Please contact us by clicking here.





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Deputy Attorney General Mike Murphy Running for State Superior Court Seat #30

Mike Murphy for Judge 2020Deputy Attorney General Mike Murphy Running for State Superior Court Seat #30 

San Diego, CA (For Release) - Deputy Attorney General Mike Murphy, a San Diego County native with more than two decades of prosecutorial experience, is running to fill Superior Court Seat #30. During his tenure Murphy has worked at all levels of the state court system, from trial courts to the Court of Appeals and the California Supreme Court. He has built a reputation of fairness and integrity based on a record of making the right decisions and applying the law fairly and equally. Murphy’s bid has been supported by retiring Superior Court Judge Louis Hanoian, who calls Murphy “uncompromisingly fair, honest and professional.” 

“I have served as a prosecutor for 24 years now in our state courts,” explains Murphy, who has handled a number of extremely complex criminal trials across Southern California. “That experience has given me the unique opportunity to develop my understanding of the law and my knowledge of our legal system from top to bottom.” 

Above and beyond his experience as a prosecutor, Murphy prides himself on adhering to the high standards of integrity and impartiality he believes all judges should hold. “Judges make decisions every day that have an impact on the people that appear before them, and those decisions can be very significant for those individual lives,” he points out. “The people who appear before the courts need to have confidence that their judges are making decisions not based on political bias, not based on a political agenda, but on the Constitution and the laws that our representatives have passed.” 

In addition to Judge Hanoian, Murphy is endorsed by eight other Superior Court Judges. Other county leaders endorsing Murphy include San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore, retired San Diego City Chief of Police David Bejarano, retired San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, and San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox. The San Diego Deputy District Attorneys Association has also given its support to Murphy in his bid for Superior Court Judge. 

“Superior Court judges have the ability to impact in positive ways the community that they live in,” says Murphy, whose education includes St. Augustine High School, San Diego State University, and the USD School of Law. “It would be an honor to serve in that capacity now as a Superior Court judge.” 

Mike-Murphy-for-Judge-Logo-Scales-01f_150dpi.pngFor more information about Deputy Attorney General Mike Murphy, visit his campaign website at 

For media inquiries please click here to email and contact KamatoyMediaGroup.comand contact



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